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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you discreet?

Absolutely; your personal life is your own business. Your details will be kept confidential and will only be used to arrange bookings. My correspondence with you will be worded like a coworker trying to arrange a meeting. I'm happy to arrive at an outcall dressed modestly.

Do you meet disabled clients?

I certainly do. I have experience with autistic clients, wheelchair users, clients with carers, and many more. If you are comfortable sharing your accessibility needs with me I will do what I can to accomodate them.

Do you meet clients of any race?

I will happily see clients of any race, nationality, or cultural background.

What is your accepted client age range?

While I prefer hot dads and silver foxes, I will accept mature and responsible clients aged eighteen years or older, with no upper age limit. If you appear to be younger than eighteen, please do not be offended if I ask to see age verification in the form of photo ID. This is simply to comply with the law and your details will not be recorded.

Will you offer sex without a condom?

In short, no. I always have sex with a condom. If you ask I will block you.

Can I extend my booking?

Possibly! It's always wise to be prepared with extra cash, in case you'd like to stay for longer. If I have time I'm usually happy to do so. It never hurts to ask.

Do you offer discounts?

No I don't. I offer a luxury service and find haggling extremely disrespectful. Hagglers will be blocked.

Can I bring you a gift to our booking?

Of course! Gifts are not essential but are definitely appreciated, and will make you stand out. I have a wishlist via Wishtender to give you ideas; alternatively I love Ferrero Rocher, Barry's gold blend tea, or simply a tip. :)

I'm a driver/bodyguard/photographer/etcetera, will you work for trade?

No thanks, I have everything I need!

Can I buy your underwear from our booking?

You certainly can! I sell my used panties for 300DKK. If you'd like to send me home afterwards without my underwear, hosiery, socks or other garments (or you'd like me to wear them for longer and capture my natural womanly musk), just let me know when you book and we can discuss it.

Do you do car/outdoor meets?

I offer indoor meets only, as a safety precaution. I'd be happy to meet you at your home, hotel room or office - let me know and we can make a date. ;)

Will you visit me in Sweden?

Sadly, Sweden uses "The Nordic Model", legislation that criminalises buying sex. For this reason I will not work there. Denmark is the only Nordic country that does not use the Nordic Model.

I haven't received a reply to my message!

Thanks for getting in touch! Please understand that 1. I receive a LOT of inquiries and 2. I am running a business completely independently, with no assistant or manager. If you have included all the information I ask for in my "Contact" section, it will vastly improve your chances of standing out from the crowd. ;) I will reward your patience!

Will you shave for me?

Women with a full bush are rare these days, particularly in the sex industry. Many of my regular clients love my body hair. It doesn't make sense for me to shave and compromise my niche. I hope you find what you're looking for!

What's your ideal client like?

My perfect client emails me with a professional tone and is quick to settle on a date and time for our meeting. After a thorough shower that morning, they arrive on time, wearing anti-perspirant and clean clothes. They give me my fee unprompted, as well as a tip or thoughtful gift if they really want my eyes to sparkle. They are friendly, light-hearted and courteous through the booking. They understand that my time is precious and help draw our appointment to a close at the end of the time they've paid for; alternatively they are prepared with extra cash in case they might like to extend the booking.

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