I have always gone my own way, and my alternative look reflects this.

My petite body is enhanced by extensive professional tattoos. My split tongue is prehensile and has all kinds of impractical uses. I had my nipples surgically removed to achieve an androgynous, doll-like appearance. My hair is short and I change the neon colour extremely regularly. I have a full bush and underarm hair that you will love to dive into.

Pixie is one of a kind. I had a great time with her. She's unique, attractive and genuinely passionate.

- Adultwork feedback

You will never find another like me.

I am university educated. English is my first language and I have a posh southern British accent, or "the Queen's English". You will love to hear my dirty talk. When I'm not with you, I can be found curled up with a science fiction novel and a cup of black tea (I am English, after all...), rollerblading to keep my body fit and toned, or following my passions in music and visual arts.

Brilliant catching up with Pixie. She has a fantastic body, she's clever and incredible in the bedroom. I came away in heaven! Thank you

- Adultwork feedback